Abby Seymour- Jewellery Dish. Slate facetted porcelain and Brass.


This faceted jewellery dish that features in the homewares collection reflect Abby’s timeless yet contemporary style that integrates geometry, Abby's signature faceted details and high end refinement.

This luxe jewellery dish features a solid brass faceted lid with a hand turned brass knob, finished to a mirror polish. The rich golden lid sits in company with a faceted slate coloured matte porcelain dish base.

This beautiful object can sit in it's own right as a; 
sculpture on the mantle, dresser, gifted with a beautiful piece of jewellery or engagement ring, 
or can be used to store and display treasured jewels, the triangular pointed sculptural knob on the lid can act as a ring stand whilst your earrings, necklaces and bangles can nest along side in the dish.

- 113 mm width
- 43 mm height

- A characteristic of brass is that it will naturally tarnish overtime and get a darker, more antiqued patina on the surface.

- To bring back the shine and lustre polish with a soft cloth, for more ingrained grime or discolouration lemon juice or vinegar diluted with warm water and sponged over will clean and brighten. Be sure to dry completely with a soft dry cloth. Any water spots left with stain.