925 Ring Workshop - 28th March 2020


Silver Ring Workshop

Beginner level, ages 15+

Saturday's 10am-4pm




Tutor - Ingrid Lockley-Penc

B.A. Design Arts (honours) Gold and Silversmithing. Grad. Diploma of Education. Director at KIN.


KIN Gallery’s 925 silver band workshop is the perfect introduction to studio jewellery making.

Participants will learn basic fabrication methods including saw piercing; annealing and soldering; and finishing techniques such as texturing, stamping, and polishing.

You will learn how to make a 925 (sterling) custom-fit silver band, and have the opportunity to personalise it through various finishing methods.

At the end of the session you will leave with your own finished silver ring, and a skill set that you can apply to further studio lessons or enhance your own craft practice.


$250 - Includes all required materials, tools, personalised instruction and light refreshments.